Our Story

In 2010, we decided it was time to introduce PR to the digital universe. We can trace our roots to The Next Web, when they saw the need to digitize the classic pressroom. It’s no coincidence we started out in Amsterdam, the center and birthplace of the most successful tech startups in Europe. In 2015 the platform was rebranded and revamped into pr.co. From then on it has evolved into the one-stop PR tool it is today, equipped with a custom analytics tool and allowing multiple users to manage stunning newsrooms and online press releases.

Pr.co believes every company has something special to offer the world. That’s why we help hundreds of PR and communications teams communicate their promise to the wider world. We take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on crafting compelling content.

Initially built to help startups, our platform now has advertising agencies, government entities, large-scale brands, and massive multinationals on board. We’re present in almost every industry in 5 continents. And we’re just getting started.

From 3 people the pr.co team has now grown to a dozen talented and fun-loving digital natives. Read on to meet the team and be inspired by our core values.

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We are on a mission. A mission to become the world's leading tool for communication strategy and execution.

We make pr.co

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    Jeroen Bos

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    Lorenzo Grandi

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    Stefan Fountain

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    Nick Dowse

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    Padraig McKee

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    Menno Wildeboer

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    Parham Sa

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    Sjors Mahler

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    Ysabel Camus

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    Valentijn Nieman

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    Romy van Kessel

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    Ignacio Gallegos

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    Bart van Teutem

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Our core values

  • We believe that every professional should spend time learning to grow and better understand their craft. Daily. It may be controversial because it can hurt in the short term, but in the long run, it will pay off, and people will move on to the next challenge a better, more inspired colleague. #todayilearned
  • Major key to success is focusing on the end result. Usually, that ends up being a revenue target, which is hard to influence directly. Thus, we like to divide that into smaller chunks and then get a kick achieving it. Seeing that move the needle on our big goals is fantastic. #winning
  • Yes everybody always claims that they Work hard and Play Harder. But where would you be able to do both within the same company? The thing is when you enjoy what you do and then can relax while you recharge that is unique. #workandplayarethesame
  • Another value everybody will sign up to is Excellence or quality, but what are you willing to give up for it? That it will take longer, be more expensive, or that you'll have fewer features? We believe firmly in time-boxing your work, reducing the scope and keeping quality constant. #qualityoverscope #lessismore
  • All of the above will only get you anywhere if you are honest where you stand professionally and honest where your colleagues stand. It's about finding the balance between trust and verifying things. The cheapest form of control is trusting. It means you don't need massive contracts or constant double-checking of what everybody is doing. But being honest also means verifying that the thing you want to happen has actually happened. #trickyvalue #doubleedgedsword
  • Sometimes you know how what you are doing fits in the big picture and how your daily tasks tie into the overall goals. However often you'll find yourself just putting your head down and making stuff move. Getting it done requires hard work. And often you cannot see the forest through the trees until you're halfway done. And that's fine because you only have half left to do. #GTD #widgetcranking


Pr.co is made in Amsterdam, the Netherlands