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Share you official media assets, production videos and behind-the-scens pictures with your media contacts and launch your next movie in the most effective way. With just one tool.

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  • All-in-one Solution

    20+ tools to get the job done? Save time by using an all-in-one tool. A fast execution is crucial for your movie's success.

  • In Control

    Take full control over your PR. Create, publish, share and track content all by yourself. No agencies' help needed.

  • Online media kit

    Create, publish and share your media assets with your partners, at the right time. No more ftp, no Dropbox, no attachments.

Proud Company

Tempesta Film is a film and crossmedia production company from Italy.

“Being able to upload the media assets in one place and share them with all the stakeholders is a no-brainer when launching a new movie. We removed this from the what-can-go-wrong list.”

Valeria Jamonte
Web & digital projects, Tempesta Film

Key distribution features

Send out without a doubt

Share your assets with the right people at the right time. Send custom emails to partners, journalists and bloggers, then track the results in real time.

Create rich content

Make your content and assets available for the right people at the right time. Publish the trailer video, then schedule the behind the scenes galleries one week later. Send emails with the link to all the distributors and agencies involved.

Execute your launch plan from one dashboard.

Keep the right people informed

Don’t waste time on repetitive tasks such as copy and pasting emails, or calling journalists with news. makes it possible to inform the people who need to know about your news.


Plan and execute your film launch


  1. Execute your marketing plan for your movie launch
  2. Publish your media assets online with 3 clicks.
  3. Notify your partners and media contacts that the materials are one click away.

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