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In healthcare communication is key.

Let your clients know you’re there.
We help you modernize your communication department, by giving your team complete control over the external communication.
From now on you will need only one tool.

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  • In control

    Take full control over your PR. Create, publish, share, and track press releases in one single tool. No agency help needed.

  • Effortless collaboration

    Easy collaboration within your team. Nothing gets published before the right people have seen it.

  • Be heard

    In the crowded healthcare marketplace, it’s crucial your clients know you’re there. Let your voice be heard, by communicating with journalists, influencers and directly with your clients

The solution to your problems

  • What is

    Instead of having to deal with 20+ tools to handle your external communication, we made an all-in-one solution. Write, edit and collaborate on press releases, publish in your very own newsroom, distribute to journalists and influencers., keep track of your media contacts and analyze your PR efforts. Easy, efficient and intuitive.

  • Easy collaboration?

    Collaboration will no longer be a struggle. Every user gets assigned a role, with specific permissions. Nothing gets published before the right people have authorised it.

  • Can I try it out?

    Yes - is free for 14 days. Click on ‘start a free trial’ to get started! If you have any questions during your trial, you can contact us through email, chat and phone.

  • Is it hard to implement?

    No, your newsroom can be set up in 5 minutes. We built this tool so every member in a communication department can work with it. No technical knowledge required.

What others like about

Focus on the message

The landscape is shifting. Communication teams need to modernize, which involves a lot of technical knowledge from within these teams. We feel that communication teams should focus on what they’re best at: crafting and creating a message. We’ll take care of the technical stuff for you.

Let the people know you’re there for them.

"People need to know of your existence. They need to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Let them know you’re there for them.

With journalists will find all your organization’s media assets, press mentions, and past news with your very own landing page for media. "

No more help from IT

Write press releases, ask your team members to approve it, send it out to hundreds of journalists, keep track of those journalists, see who opened your emails and who didn’t, and analyze your PR efforts. All in one tool, and without the help of an IT department.

Modernize your communication department - start today

How do I start?

  1. Fill in your email address in the box below and click on 'start free trial'
  2. Set up your newsroom in 4 easy steps.
  3. Want help or a demo? Reach us through email (, chat or phone.

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